Decode Media, a localization oriented post-production company, has been expanding quickly since it was established in late 2017.

“Our project managers, who are in close contact with more than 250 freelancer linguists and voice talents in 7 different languages, ensure the best execution of your subtitling and dubbing projects, and react immediately to any sudden change or request coming from our clients. In this time of digital era, you can not expect less!

Our co-founders, who are coming from media, engineering and programming backgrounds, make sure that as the world is witnessing the digitalization of the media industry, customer experience is well-maintained. We don’t only provide services for our clients, we share our insights and make suggestions when needed!

Our technical team, of which our founders are also part of, ensures everything is executed smoothly, and securely.

We are proud of our teams. The excellent harmony between them has been the engine of our successful expansion in Turkey.

Now, after two years of our establishment, we are opening a new office in Orlando.”

“One of us, our Coordinator is going to be personally present, when we open our new office there,” Co-Founders of the company explain. “We will enjoy having a new office closer to our major clients and some of our partner studios. So far, one of the things we were proud of was our availability and fast turnaround/response times. Now, we will also be physically more accessible to them.”

It was also stated that in the long run, the company may consider opening a new studio in Los Angeles.

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